GCC documentation: porting to Sphinx

Martin Liška mliska@suse.cz
Fri Jun 25 13:11:51 GMT 2021


I've got something that is very close to be a patch candidate that can be
eventually merged. Right now, the patches are available here:

Changes since last version:

- gdc manual was ported
- 'make doc' works fine both with and w/o installed sphinx-build
- 'make pdf' and 'make html' works fine
- libgccjit was ported to the shared Makefile and configuration
- likewise for 3 existing Ada manuals
- .texi files are removed

List of known issues (planned to be fixed after merging):
- cross manual references are not working
- update_web_docs_git needs to be changed - will simplify rapidly
- Sphinx warnings should be addressed
- remove texinfo references in Manuals
- list package requirements for Sphinx manual generation

I'm looking forward to a feedback.

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