GCC documentation: porting to Sphinx

Martin Liška mliska@suse.cz
Wed Jun 23 13:13:54 GMT 2021


I've just made a first version of the patchset that sits in GCC source tree:

Changes since the last submission:
1) I made a brief proofreading and fixed most of the formatting and other issues
2) target hook documentation was ported to RST format and gcc/genhooks generated a tm.rst.in
    that is then used via .. include:: directives
3) sphinx-build detection is implemented in gcc/configure.ac
3) make integration is done (currently covering info and man pages) for gcc and gcc/fortran targets

As before, one can see the result of generated output here:

Known limitations:
1) I found a bug in man page generation that is currently fixed:
Note the fix will appear in the upcoming 4.1.0 release. Without the patch, one can see wrong
font selection in a generated manual page

2) Right now, I rely on caching capability of sphinx-build. That means when no source change is detected,
sphinx-build exits immediately. However, it's not working for all targets (info, man) and I've suggested
a patch for it:

3) I haven't prepared patch for .texi removal (should be quite easily doable).

4) the currently existing Sphinx manuals (Ada and libgccjit) are not integrated yet.

@Joseph: Can you share your thoughts about the used Makefile integration? What do you suggest for 2)
(note that explicit listing of all .rst file would be crazy)?


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