[ranger-tech] How to use ranges within any pass with get_range_query()

Martin Jambor mjambor@suse.cz
Wed Jun 16 12:34:16 GMT 2021


On Thu, Jun 10 2021, Aldy Hernandez via Gcc wrote:
> As part of the ranger development we have found that there are various 
> pieces of the infrastructure that can be used independently, and we’d 
> like to document them in the hopes that they are useful to others.  We 
> will be contributing short posts documenting parts of the ranger, which 
> we hope can become part of a more persistent documentation (wiki? 
> Internal docs?).

Thank you very much for writing this up.  And yes, please add something
like this to gcc/doc/gccint.texi - perhaps after it is converted to
Sphinx, assuming that writing in that format is easier.

Thanks again,


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