progress update

Martin Jambor
Wed Jun 16 09:24:53 GMT 2021


On Tue, Jun 15 2021, David Malcolm via Gcc wrote:


> Are you perhaps building the first stage using clang, or a very old
> gcc?  That would likely generate very different debuginfo, which might
> explain the differences in behavior that you're seeing in gdb.
> If I run into problems using gdb to debug the code, and all else fails,
> I sometimes hack up the build flags in the generated Makefile to turn
> off optimizations and add debug flags.

If you run make in the gcc subdirectory of the build directory, changed
files are recompiled without optimization.  Often when I am about to use
gdb to debug the compiler, I touch tree.h and/or cgraph.h and then
rebuild the compiler in this way to end up with an executable where
things are not optimized away.


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