Update to GCC copyright assignment policy

Giacomo Tesio giacomo@tesio.it
Thu Jun 3 17:09:51 GMT 2021

Hi Daniel,

On Thu, 3 Jun 2021 12:50:44 -0400 Daniel Pono Takamori wrote:

> We definitely don't want to see the GCC mailing list derailed into
> discussing this possibly off-topic issue.

To be fair, THIS is the correct mailing list to discuss these
topics, so much that such major policy change should have been
proposed and discussed here way before its adoption.

At least, according to https://gcc.gnu.org/lists.html

gcc is a high volume list for general development discussions about
GCC. Anything relevant to the development or testing of GCC and not
covered by other mailing lists is suitable for discussion here.


All major decisions and changes, like abandoning ports or front ends,
should be announced and discussed here. [...]

So I think Conservacy could (and should) share its own insights here.


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