Update to GCC copyright assignment policy

Giacomo Tesio giacomo@tesio.it
Thu Jun 3 12:35:51 GMT 2021

Hello GCC developers, 

On Tue, 1 Jun 2021 10:00:06 -0400 David Edelsohn via Gcc wrote:

> The GCC Steering Committee has decided to relax the requirement to
> assign copyright for all changes to the Free Software Foundation.  GCC
> will continue to be developed, distributed, and licensed under the GNU
> General Public License v3.0. GCC will now accept contributions with or
> without an FSF copyright assignment. 

Is it possible to release a new version for the last commit that only
includes changes under FSF copyright, possibly deferring the
introduction of non-fsf copyrighted code as much as technically
possible with git?

A sort of "marker" version.

So that users downstream could say: all copyright on GCC code before
version X is completely owned by the FSF, but since version X (and
maybe, in the future, till version Y) it is owned by several entities.

This could ease things in case of future changes in the copyright
legislations that could require an update to the GPL to close new

Or in case of legal litigations related to copyright, like the ones that
sometimes affect the customizers of the Linux kernel.

In fact, I'd say that such a change is a major one and should be marked
with the release of a new major version of GCC (while previous major
versions should remain unaffected).


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