[RFC] Increase libstdc++ line length to 100(?) columns

Allan Sandfeld Jensen linux@carewolf.com
Sun Nov 29 18:51:17 GMT 2020

On Sonntag, 29. November 2020 18:38:15 CET Florian Weimer wrote:
> * Allan Sandfeld Jensen:
> > If you _do_ change it. I would suggest changing it to 120, which is next
> > common step for a lot of C++ projects.
> 120 can be problematic for a full HD screen in portrait mode.  Nine
> pixels per character is not a lot (it's what VGA used), and you can't
> have any window decoration.  With a good font and screen, it's doable.
> But if the screen isn't quite sharp, then I think you wouldn't be able
> to use portrait mode anymore.

Using a standard condensed monospace font of 9px, it has a width of 7px, 120 
char would take up 940px fitting two windows in horizontal mode and one in 
vertical. 9px isn't fuzzy, and 8px variants are even narrower.

Sure using square monospace fonts might not fit, but that is an unusual 
configuration and easily worked around by living with a non-square monospace 
font, or accepting occational line overflow. Remember nobody is suggesting 
every line should be that long, just allowing it to allow better structural 


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