Installing a generated header file

Bill Schmidt
Thu Nov 12 16:15:35 GMT 2020

On 11/12/20 10:06 AM, Marc Glisse wrote:
> On Thu, 12 Nov 2020, Bill Schmidt via Gcc wrote:
>> Hi!  I'm working on a project where it's desirable to generate a 
>> target-specific header file while building GCC, and install it with 
>> the rest of the target-specific headers (i.e., in 
>> lib/gcc/<target>/11.0.0/include).  Today it appears that only those 
>> headers listed in "extra_headers" in config.gcc will be placed there, 
>> and those are assumed to be found in gcc/config/<target>.  In my 
>> case, the header file will end up in my build directory instead.
>> Questions:
>> * Has anyone tried something like this before?  I didn't find anything.
>> * If so, can you please point me to an example?
>> * Otherwise, I'd be interested in advice about providing new 
>> infrastructure to support
>>  this.  I'm a relative noob with respect to the configury code, and 
>> I'm sure my
>>  initial instincts will be wrong. :)
> Does the i386 mm_malloc.h file match your scenario?
Ah, that looks promising indeed, and perhaps very simple!  Marc, thanks 
for the pointer!


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