Separate commit mailing lists for trunk/branches possible?

Carlos O'Donell
Fri Jul 17 18:46:38 GMT 2020

On 7/17/20 2:11 PM, Frank Ch. Eigler via Overseers wrote:
> Hi -
>> Would it be reasonable to have the mailing list split into more than
>> one, that is at least the original covering the trunk, and then one
>> or more for branches?  [...]
> (This matter is for the gcc community to decide.  Overseers do not
> control git/mailing list traffic policy.)
> - FChE

FYI, for glibc we use the AdaCore git commit hooks (like gdb).

There we use this configuration:

        # Only send emails for master and release branches.
        no-emails = refs/heads/(?!master|release.*)

This way you don't get vendor branch commit emails.


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