Separate commit mailing lists for trunk/branches possible?

Maciej W. Rozycki
Fri Jul 17 18:05:48 GMT 2020


 As you have probably been well-aware the amount of traffic sent to the 
<> mailing list has grown dramatically since the switch 
to GIT.  Last month alone I received over 13000 messages, which accounted 
for ~18.5% of all my incoming traffic.  And right now another mailbomb has 
been in progress; since midnight I have received over 3700 messages so 

 Most of this stuff is vendor branch stuff I find completely uninteresting 
to me and which from my point of view is a waste of resources.  I could 
filter it to /dev/null via `procmail', but that would still be a waste.

 Would it be reasonable to have the mailing list split into more than one, 
that is at least the original covering the trunk, and then one or more for 

 Frankly I'm on the brink of unsubscribing; I have already stopped looking 
through any messages sent to <>, so any value remaining 
is local access to the commit archive, which has become largely irrelevant 
nowadays as GIT has it already, and I wouldn't catch any irregularity as I 
sometimes used to.  But I can't stand the traffic really anymore.



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