documentation of powerpc64{,le}-linux-gnu as primary platform

Florian Weimer
Thu Jul 9 19:20:42 GMT 2020

* David Edelsohn via Gcc:

> No, it's not dropped.  Some people are being pedantic about the name,
> which is why Bill added {,le}.  powerpc64-unknown-linux-gnu means
> everything.  If you want to add {,le} back, that's fine.  But there
> always is some variant omitted, and that doesn't mean it is ignored.
> The more that one over-specifies and enumerates some variants, the
> more that it implies the other variants intentionally are ignored.

powerpc64-*-linux-gnu and powerpc64le-*-linux-gnu are different targets
in many aspects, extending way beyond the endianness.  I think it makes
sense to list both explicitly, if only to avoid confusion.


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