documentation of powerpc64{,le}-linux-gnu as primary platform

Richard Biener
Thu Jul 9 17:13:30 GMT 2020

On July 9, 2020 3:43:19 PM GMT+02:00, David Edelsohn via Gcc <> wrote:
>On Thu, Jul 9, 2020 at 9:07 AM Matthias Klose <> wrote:
>> On 7/9/20 1:58 PM, David Edelsohn via Gcc wrote:
>> > On Thu, Jul 9, 2020 at 7:03 AM Matthias Klose <>
>> >>
>> >> lists the little endian
>platform first
>> >> as a primary target, however it's not mentioned for GCC 9 and GCC
>10. Just an
>> >> omission?
>> >>
>> >>
>suggests that
>> >> the little endian platform should be mentioned, and maybe the big
>> >> platform should be dropped?
>> >>
>> >> Jakub suggested to fix that for GCC 9 and GCC 10, and get a
>consensus for GCC 11.
>> >
>> > Why are you so insistent to drop big endian?  No.  Please leave
>this alone.
>> No, I don't leave this alone.  The little endian target is dropped in
>GCC 9 and
>> GCC 10.  Is this really what you intended to do?
>No, it's not dropped.  Some people are being pedantic about the name,
>which is why Bill added {,le}.  powerpc64-unknown-linux-gnu means
>everything.  If you want to add {,le} back, that's fine.  But there
>always is some variant omitted, and that doesn't mean it is ignored.
>The more that one over-specifies and enumerates some variants, the
>more that it implies the other variants intentionally are ignored.
>I would appreciate that we would separate the discussion about
>explicit reference to {,le} from the discussion about dropping the big
>endian platform.

I think for primary platforms it is important to be as specific as possible since certain regressions are supposed to block a release. That's less of an issue for secondary platforms but it's still a valid concern there as well for build issues. 


>Thanks, David

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