GCC Multi-Threading Ideas

Nicholas Krause xerofoify@gmail.com
Tue Jan 21 15:33:00 GMT 2020

Greetings All,

Unfortunately due to me being rather busy with school and other things I 
will not be able to post my article to the wiki for awhile. However 
there is a  rough draft here:
that may change a little for people to read in the meantime.

Please forgive me if there are grammar errors due to it being a draft. 
However, the discussion needs to continue in terms of long term and GSoC 
planning in terms of this project. In addition, Richard mentioned 
something similar to async workqueues but the biggest issue isn't the 
garbage collector. The bigger issue is how do we work around IPO passes 
and order them in order to avoid missed optimizations. Further more I've 
been thinking about it on and off, but it seems that there will be 
issues/compromise  no matter what. Therefore due to this, the community 
at large will need to decide what policies we will have about IPO in a 
multi-threaded gcc including IPA passes.

If there are any questions about the draft let me know or ideas about 
the IPO ordering issues including IPA passes you can contact me here.

Sorry for not keeping you up to date as much after Cauldron,

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