GCC GSoC 2020: Call for mentors and project ideas

Martin Jambor mjambor@suse.cz
Thu Jan 16 13:33:00 GMT 2020


Google Summer of Code (aka GSoC) 2020 yesterday started accepting
Organization Applications.  I believe the last year was very successful
and so think that we want to take part again this year again.  I'll be
happy to volunteer to be the main Org Admin for GCC again (so let me
know if you think I shouldn't or that someone else should, but otherwise
I'll assume that I probably will). The deadline to apply is February
5th, so in the next three weeks we need to work on our project ideas and
have a list of willing mentors.

Therefore, first and foremost, I would like to ask all (moderately)
seasoned GCC contributors to consider mentoring a student this year and
ideally also come up with a project that they would like to lead.  I'm
collecting proposal on our wiki page
https://gcc.gnu.org/wiki/SummerOfCode - feel free to add yours to the
top list there.  Or, if you are unsure, post your offer and project idea
as a reply here to the mailing list.

Eventually each developed project should have a) a project
title/description b) more detailed description of the project (2-5
sentences) c) expected outcomes d) skills required/preferred and e)
possible mentors [1].

Project ideas that come without an offer to also mentor them are always
fun to discuss, by all means feel free to reply to this email with yours
and I will attempt to find a mentor, but please be aware that we can
only use the suggestion it if we actually find one.

Everybody in the GCC community is invited to go over
https://gcc.gnu.org/wiki/SummerOfCode and remove any outdated or
otherwise bad project suggestions and help improve viable ones which are
not yet viable.  I would especially want to ask GFortran and libstdc++
people to do so.

Finally, please continue helping (prospective) students figure stuff out
about GCC like you always do.  So far I think all of them enjoyed
working with us, even if many sometimes struggled with GCC's complexity.

More information together with GSoC 2020 time line is available at

Thank you, let's hope we attract some good young talent again this year.


[1] https://google.github.io/gsocguides/mentor/defining-a-project-ideas-list

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