1-800-GIT-HELP question

Gaius Mulley gaius.southwales@gmail.com
Wed Jan 15 10:54:00 GMT 2020


Firstly many thanks to all who have worked on the git migration and also
for the offer of help :-)

I'm seeking a little advice on an efficient way to combine the gm2 git
repro with the gcc git repro.  When gcc was using subversion I had a
script which untared the gm2 git over the subversion, applied local
patches to the gcc tree and then it was ready for use.  I could git diff
in the gm2 tree and svn diff in the gcc tree - etc.

I wonder if a similar model can be achieved now gcc uses git?

In essence the gm2 front end adds three subtrees to gcc


currently these are all in one repro


I'm a little cautious of choosing an initial working model without
knowing the implications.  There seem to be many possible solutions
(subtree, submodule) to name but two.

Disk space is not a concern, the time to recreate a working tree is more


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