git conversion in progress

Martin Jambor
Tue Jan 14 15:30:00 GMT 2020


On Tue, Jan 14 2020, Andreas Schwab wrote:
> On Jan 14 2020, Georg-Johann Lay wrote:
>> git clone --reference original-gcc ...
> Don't use --reference.  It is too easy to lose work if you don't know
> what you are doing.

What are the risks, assuming I won't delete the referenced repo which
sits on the same partition of the same local disk as the new one?

I prefer it to worktree because I often just do have master checked out
in multiple directories and worktree would be unhappy about that... and
the risk of accidentally deleting the base worktree are IMHO the same as
the risk of deleting the referenced repo.

Anything that I am missing?  (In other words, do I know what I am doing? :-)



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