git conversion in progress

Georg-Johann Lay
Tue Jan 14 11:36:00 GMT 2020

Am 11.01.20 um 02:18 schrieb Joseph Myers:
> I encourage people to continue to work on improving the documentation for
> using git with GCC
> (<> and
> <> list some of
> the things that it seems it might be useful to document).

Nitpick: "Branches and Tags"


A branch called branchname can be checked out with the following command:

     git clone -b branchname ...

Referring to this as "checking out" is confusing IMO, because it may be 
confused with
     git checkout -b branchname

Whereas the latter is a checkout of some branch (or changing the branch) 
within the same local copy, the former is *cloning* into an individual, 
fresh local copy which has only the mentioned branch.

Dito for tags.

Cloning with only 1 branch is usually done because it faster downloads 
and consumes less local memory.  When one works with more than one 
branch (usually when backporting stuff etc.), the mentioned

git clone --reference original-gcc ...

might be preferable.


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