git conversion in progress

Georg-Johann Lay
Tue Jan 14 10:44:00 GMT 2020

Am 11.01.20 um 02:18 schrieb Joseph Myers:
> I encourage people to continue to work on improving the documentation for
> using git with GCC
> (<> and
> <> list some of
> the things that it seems it might be useful to document).  Once the
> conversion is done we'll need to update various places referring to SVN on
> the website and in the manuals.

Hi, some random notes:

In order to set and, the doc is using --global.  At 
least for me, the latter is not what I want because I am using git in 
other contexts than contributing to GCC (and am using different e-mail 

In my git setup there is the following which I found quite useful when 
changing .md, or more specifically diff'ing md's and having them reviewed.

diff files allow to indicate what has been changed, for example when you 
changed some function, in the respective hunk the function name is 
displayed.  We can achieve the same for define_insn and similar:

In .gitconfig:

[diff "md"]
       # .git/info/attributes maps *.md to diff=md
       # You can also use .gitattributes for this
       xfuncname = "^[ \t]*\\([ \t]*define_.*$"

This defines the hunk to match define_insn, define_expand etc.  The 
mapping can be performed in the files mentioned above and will read:

# Allow for custom diff hunks in your (global) .gitconfig
# e.g. for machine descriptions the respective entry could read
# [diff "md"]
#      # GCC/.gitattributes maps *.md to diff=md
#      xfuncname = "^[ \t]*\\([ \t]*define_.*$"

# GCC machine description
*.md  diff=md

I am not planning to propose respective changes, so if you find it 
helpful, maybe some maintainer can add it.

To see the difference, try

$ git show ec9b602c167fb7dfba717

for example.  In the case it's regarded as helpful, maybe it can added 
where it applies to all branches, not only to one specific branch. 
(Dunno what changing .git/info, .git/config actually does, presumably it 
only applies if the repo is cloned).

Sometimes, one wants a different editor for commit and merge messages 
than the default one (dunno which one this is, presumably determined by 
some env variable).

The respective entry in .gitconfig is:
	editor = my-editor

or can be achieved by

git config [--global] core.editor="...".  In my case, it's a script that 
gets diffs from ChangeLog deltas and composes them to a commit message 
and then calls my preferred editor on that.

And a question wrt e-mail addresses: I have 2 addresses associated with 
my GCC contributions: one from my GCC account and one 
non-gnu as mentioned in MAINTAINERS.  Which one should I use for commits?
As far as I remember, the gnu address can cause some problems, but I 
don't remember where...


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