GCC Git hooks

Joel Brobecker brobecker@adacore.com
Fri Jan 10 18:00:00 GMT 2020

> > Concretely, these are the changes I'm currently using to configure the 
> > hooks in a way I think appropriate for GCC, and it would be useful if the 
> > hooks could support such configuration in a more generic way in future so 
> > that we can stop using a GCC-specific patched installation of the hooks.  
> > The following features are hardcoded that didn't seem to have a way to 
> > configure them:
> Plus one further change now: if a newly created branch is in refs/heads/, 
> require it to be in refs/heads/devel/ or refs/heads/releases/ (i.e. 
> enforce a particular branch naming convention, in particular to prevent 
> mistakes where people accidentally push a branch into refs/heads/ because 
> their push configuration for user or vendor branches was wrong).

I'm having a hard time understanding this requirement.

You want to say that, before branch "<xxx>" gets created, you want
to verify that a branch named either "devel/<xxx>" or "releases/<xxx>"
does exist? And probably also that the commit in branch "<xxx>"
is already present in the branch that already exists?

IIUC, I think this one is highly specialized, and shoud be done
in the update-hook script. Would that be OK?


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