GIT: Monotonically increasing trunk and release branch ids

Jakub Jelinek
Fri Jan 10 16:39:00 GMT 2020


As I said earlier, one thing I find useful in svn compared to git are
the monotonically increasing revision numbers that we at Red Hat e.g. use
in our gcc bisect seed but I find it useful even in bugzilla everyday use.

With the help of various folks on IRC, I have something that seems to work.

We would need to add some tags (I wouldn't bother with pre-GCC 5 era,
because that doesn't have single number version numbers in the branch
names), like:
for r in 10 9 8 7 6; do
  git tag branchpoints/gcc-$r `git rev-list $(git merge-base origin/master origin/releases/gcc-$(expr $r - 1))..origin/master | tail -1`
git tag branchpoints/gcc-5 `git rev-list $(git merge-base origin/master origin/releases/gcc-4.9)..origin/master | tail -1`
and aliases:
git config --local alias.descr \!"f() { git describe --all --match 'branchpoints/gcc-[0-9]*' \${1-master} | sed -n 's,^tags/branchpoints/gcc-\\([0-9]\\+\\)-\\([0-9]\\+\\)-g[0-9a-f]*\$,r\\1-\\2,p;s,^tags/branchpoints/gcc-\\([0-9]\\+\\)\$,r\\1-0,p'; }; f"
git config --local alias.undescr \!"f() { r=\$(echo \$1 | sed -n 's,^r\\([0-9]\\+\\)-[0-9]\\+\$,\\1,p'); n=\$(echo \$1 | sed -n 's,^r[0-9]\\+-\\([0-9]\\+\\)\$,\\1,p'); test -z \$r && echo Invalid id \$1 && exit 1; h=\$(git rev-parse --verify --quiet origin/releases/gcc-\$r); if test -z \$h; then h=\$(git rev-parse --verify --quiet origin/master); fi; p=\$(git describe --all --match 'branchpoints/gcc-'\$r \$h | sed -n 's,^tags/branchpoints/gcc-[0-9]\\+-\\([0-9]\\+\\)-g[0-9a-f]*\$,\\1,p;s,^tags/branchpoints/gcc-[0-9]\\+\$,0,p'); git rev-parse --verify \$h~\$(expr \$p - \$n); }; f"

Then e.g.
$ git descr origin/master
$ git undescr r10-5824
$ git rev-parse origin/master
$ git descr branchpoints/gcc-10
$ git undescr r10-0
$ git descr branchpoints/gcc-10~
$ git undescr r9-7160
$ git rev-parse branchpoints/gcc-10
$ git rev-parse branchpoints/gcc-10~
$ git descr2 origin/releases/gcc-9
$ git undescr r9-8116

I'm sorry for my limited git-fu, could those branchpoints
tags be something that is fetched by default (given they would be added only
once a year for each trunk commit after the branching, usually the
BASE-VER bumping to N+1.0.0)?

As it is short, could it be something we'd put as first thing in the gcc-cvs
mail subjects (of course, only for trunk and release branch commits; like
the current svn mails start with rNNNNNN - ), and somewhere before or after the hash
in the body which also makes it into bugzilla?

Another thing, we right now have the useful redirects.
For those (i.e. SVN revisions), do we want them to point to the read-only SVN repo
svnweb, or remap those to the gitweb?
Can we get similarly (for 1-2 decimal digits before - and 1-6
decimal digits after it) pointing to the gitweb using the git undescr and let
bugzilla turn those rNN-NNNN strings in the comments into URLs?

Yet another thing are git hashes.  For those, I'd be afraid that turning [0-9a-f]{7,}
into URLs might trigger too often, do we want to use some prefix, like g12345ab to
be;a=commit;h=12345ab ?  If we'd add an prefix,
then we should also adjust the gcc-cvs mail content to use those prefixes in there.

Thoughts on this?


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