Proposal for the transition timetable for the move to GIT

Maxim Kuvyrkov
Fri Jan 10 15:33:00 GMT 2020

> On Jan 10, 2020, at 6:15 PM, Joseph Myers <> wrote:
> On Fri, 10 Jan 2020, Maxim Kuvyrkov wrote:
>> To me this looks like cherry-picks of r182541 and r182547 from 
>> redhat/gcc-4_7-branch into redhat/gcc-4_8-branch.
> r182541 is the first commit on /branches/redhat/gcc-4_7-branch after it 
> was created as a copy of trunk.  I.e., merging and cherry-picking it are 
> indistinguishable, and it's entirely correct for reposurgeon to consider a 
> commit merging it as a merge from r182541 (together with a cherry-pick of 
> r182547).

I was wrong re. r182541, I didn't notice that it is the first commit on branch.  This renders the analysis in favor of reposurgeon conversion, not svn-git.

Maxim Kuvyrkov

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