Test GCC conversion with reposurgeon available

Richard Earnshaw Richard.Earnshaw@foss.arm.com
Tue Jan 7 00:44:00 GMT 2020

On 06/01/2020 23:57, Andrew Pinski wrote:
> On Fri, Jan 3, 2020 at 4:38 AM Joseph Myers <joseph@codesourcery.com> wrote:
>> On Sat, 28 Dec 2019, Joseph Myers wrote:
>>> Two more.
>>> git+ssh://gcc.gnu.org/home/gccadmin/gcc-reposurgeon-6a.git
>>> git+ssh://gcc.gnu.org/home/gccadmin/gcc-reposurgeon-6b.git
>> Two more.
>> git+ssh://gcc.gnu.org/home/gccadmin/gcc-reposurgeon-7a.git
>> git+ssh://gcc.gnu.org/home/gccadmin/gcc-reposurgeon-7b.git
>> These have further accumulated improvements, especially identifying more
>> merge commits, many improved author attributions, and many improved commit
>> summaries / PR number fixups from Richard's scripts.  We're working on
>> identifying further cases where author attributions can be safely
>> improved.
> A few comments about my commits (and others).
> * SVN r133438 had the wrong PR # used but it was fixed with SVN r133439.

I've added a fixup

> * SVN r134947, only has one commit associated with it but with new
> testcases too.

This is due to the emails not matching exactly.  It's not really
practical to do case independent comparisons, so I've added a forced
email for the author and fixed the summary manually.

> ** Maybe just use the non testsuite/ChangeLog reference as the subject line.

The scanner for this doesn't look at ChangeLog files, only at the commit
message itself.  Again, it's not really feasible to tease
testsuite/non-testsuite changes out reliably, so I don't try.

> ** Also I Noticed the author for that revision is detected as
> pinskia@gcc.gnu.org but that is because I used different cases for the
> emails in the changelog.

Which lead to all of the above.


> *** Maybe always using lower case for the email part.
> * SVN r160418, does not detect me as the main author or even detect
> Shujing's email.
> ** the changelog entry below what was added had a minor whitespace change to it
> * SVN r211205, does not detect my email address correctly
> ** I had a typo in the date format (014-06-03 when it should have been
> 2014-06-03)
> I don't care if these minor issues don't get fixed, but I suspect
> fixing them will help fix other issues; I don't know if these have
> been fixed yet.
> Thanks,
> Andrew Pinski
>> --
>> Joseph S. Myers
>> joseph@codesourcery.com

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