multiple definition of symbols" when linking executables on ARM32 and AArch64

Wilco Dijkstra
Mon Jan 6 14:02:00 GMT 2020


> However, this is an undocumented change in the current NEWS, and seeing
>> literally hundreds of package failures, I doubt that's the right thing to do, at
>> least without any deprecation warning first.  Could that be handled, deprecating
>> in GCC 10 first, and the changing that for GCC 11?

This change was first proposed for GCC8, and rejected because of failures in the
distros. Two years have passed, and there are still failures... Would this change if
we postpone it even longer? My feeling is that nobody is going to actively fix their
code if the default isn't changed first.

> It is hard to get a warning for things like this.

Could the linker warn whenever it merges common symbols or would that give
many false positives?


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