New GCC mirror from Rabat, Morocco

Gerald Pfeifer
Sat Jan 4 23:51:00 GMT 2020

Hi Sami,

On Sun, 6 Oct 2019, Sami Ait Ali Oulahcen wrote:
> We'd like to start mirroring the GCC.

apologies, it appears none of us did get back to you last year?

Happy to have you as a mirror, and if you'd like to submit a patch
for that'd be great. Otherwise we
can create one.

> URLs:
> rsync://
> Location:     Rabat, Morocco
> Contact:      Sami Ait Ali Oulahcen (noc{at}marwan{dot}ma)
> Please let us know of the central rsync address, and the recommended pull frequency.

We've got a little page at that has
information on our rsync service.

`rsync rsync://` lists a long list of targets, and the
one you'll probably want is gcc-ftp, so

  rsync --archive --delete --compress rsync:// /loc/al/dir

I guess?

(Let me know whether/what works for you, and I'll make sure to 
enhance our documentation.)

As for frequence, once a day, maybe a bit after snapshot runs happen,
so around midnight your timezone should work fine.

Thank you,

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