Proposal for the transition timetable for the move to GIT

Alexandre Oliva
Thu Jan 2 02:59:00 GMT 2020

On Dec 30, 2019, "Richard Earnshaw (lists)" <> wrote:

> Right, (and wrong).  You have to understand how the release branches and
> tags are represented in CVS to understand why the SVN conversion is done
> this way.

I'm curious and ignorant, is the convoluted representation that Maxim
described what SVN normally uses for tree copies, that any conversion
tool from SVN to GIT thus ought to be able to figure out, or is it just
an unusual artifact of the conversion from CVS to SVN, that we'd like to
fix in the conversion from SVN to GIT with some specialized recovery for
such errors in repos poorly converted from CVS?

Thanks in advance for cluing me in,

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