Branch and tag deletions

Joseph Myers
Wed Nov 27 16:02:00 GMT 2019

On Wed, 27 Nov 2019, Eric S. Raymond wrote:

> > Sure, we could do that.  Eric, can you confirm that, with current 
> > reposurgeon, if a branch or tag was deleted in SVN and does not appear in 
> > the final revision of /branches or /tags, it should not appear in the 
> > resulting converted repository, so that any cases where reposurgeon fails 
> > to reflect such a deletion-in-SVN should be reported as a reposurgeon bug?
> Confirmed.


My current test conversion run is testing two changes: deleting 
emptycommit tags, and using --user-ignores to prefer the .gitignore file 
in SVN over one auto-generated from svn:ignore properties.  For the next 
one after that I'll try eliminating all branch/tag removals that shouldn't 
be doing anything, based on the current sets of branches and tags in SVN, 
and report bugs if I see anything appearing in the converted repository 
that shouldn't be.

Joseph S. Myers

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