How to test aarch64 when building a cross-compiler?

Andrew Dean via gcc
Mon Nov 25 19:17:00 GMT 2019

Based on, I'm using glibc/scripts/ targeting aarch64-linux-gnu as so: build_dir checkout --keep all build_dir host-libraries --keep all -j 12 build_dir compilers aarch64-linux-gnu --keep all -j 12 --full-gcc build_dir glibcs aarch64-linux-gnu --keep all -j 12

This completes successfully. However, when I then try to run the gcc tests like so:
runtest --outdir . --tool gcc --srcdir /path/to/gcc/gcc/testsuite aarch64.exp --target aarch64-linux-gnu --target_board aarch64-sim --tool_exec /path_to/build_dir/install/compilers/aarch64-linux-gnu/bin/aarch64-glibc-linux-gnu-gcc --verbose -v

I get errors like this:

aarch64-glibc-linux-gnu-gcc: fatal error: cannot read spec file 'rdimon.specs': No such file or directory

I can see that the rdimon.specs flag is added based on this line in aarch64-sim.exp:

set_board_info ldflags 	"[libgloss_link_flags] [newlib_link_flags] -specs=rdimon.specs"

I've tried searching for how to address this, but so far unsuccessfully. Does anybody know what I'm missing here?


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