Commit messages and the move to git

Richard Earnshaw (lists)
Tue Nov 19 22:19:00 GMT 2019

On 19/11/2019 22:14, Eric S. Raymond wrote:
> Richard Earnshaw (lists) <>:
>> Nope, that was from running the go version from yesterday.  This one, to
>> be precise:  1ab3c514c6cd5e1a5d6b68a8224df299751ca637
>> This pass used to be very fast a couple of weeks back, but something
>> went in recently that's caused a major slowdown.
>> Oh, and I've been having problems with the ChangeLogs command as well.
>> It used to run fine on my machine (128G), but now it's started blowing
>> memory and taking my X server down.
> That sucks.  Those were stretches of code the two guys working with me
> have been trying to speed up. Looks like that backfired.
> Please file isses at and
> include timing reports if you can.

I'll see if I can narrow the offending commit down a bit first.  I have
a rough idea when each occurred, but I haven't pinpointed a precise commit.


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