Commit messages and the move to git

Arnaud Charlet
Mon Nov 4 12:11:00 GMT 2019

> With the move to git fairly imminent now it would be nice if we
> could agree on a more git-friendly style of commit messages; and,
> ideally, start using them now so that the converted repository can
> benefit from this.
> Some tools, particularly gitk or git log --oneline, can use one-line
> summaries from a commit's log message when listing commits.  It
> would be nice if we could start adopting a style that is compatible
> with this, so that in future commits are summarized in a useful way.
> Unfortunately, some of our existing commits show no useful
> information with tools like this.

Strongly seconded. FWIW we've done that for a while in the gcc/ada directory
already since we're using GIT internally on GCC and GNAT sources.


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