RWMA Welding Electrodes of Copper Chromium Zirconium, Beryllium Copper, Tungsten Copper, Nickel Copper

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We are importers and stockiest of RWMA Resistance Welding
Electrodes like

COPPER CHROMIUM ZIRCONIUM / CuCrZr / C18150 /CuCr1Zr / CW106C - in Rounds and Flats
Characteristics: CuCrZr alloy that can be hardened by cold forming and by precipitation of CuCrZr - phases during a heat treatment. It has good bendability, excellent hot and cold forming properties, a high strength and a good corrosion resistance. Due to the CrZr-precipitations the relaxation properties, even at
temperatures up to 250°C are excellent. The electrical and thermal conductivity is excellent. Welding, soldering and brazing properties are good too. 
Main ApplicationsResistance Welding in Low Carbon Steel
and Galvanised Steel, Refrigerator Parts, Seam Welding, Nozzles.
Automotive & Electrical Switches and Relays, Contacts, Connectors, Terminals, Press fits, Components for the electrical industry, Stamped parts,Semiconductor Components, Junction Boxes, Photovoltaic Systems.

Other Equivalent Standards are C18160, C18400, C18200

is a mixture of Tungsten and Copper, where the Tungsten ranges from 50% to 90% with balance Copper.
Characteristics: Good Thermal and Electrical Conductivity, Low Thermal Expansion, Resistance to Erosion from arcing
Main Applications:
Electrodes in EDM - electric spark erosion cutting machines, Heat Sinks for passive cooling of electronics devices, Electrodes for Resistance Welding, Arc and Vaccum Contacts for High and Medium Voltage breakers and Vaccum
Other Equivalent are Heavy Tungsten Alloys, 
can also offer Molybdenum, Tantalum, TZM Molybdenum, Pure Tungsten.

Depending upon the application requirements, copper beryllium alloys are available in two alloy classes: High Strength (C17000, C17200, C17300) and High Conductivity (C17410, C17460, C17500, C17510). Both alloy classes are strengthened by thermal treatments. 
Main application:Electrodes for medical purposes, such as EEG, ECG, ECT, defibrillator, electrophysiology techniques in biomedical researchelectroplating, welding, Flat Welding dies, projection welding electrode, electrical componentsAlso used in Robotic welding machines, MIG & MAG Welding industryPlasma And laser cutting nozzles,
Electrodes for cathodic protectionElectrodes for groundingElectrodes for chemical analysis using electrochemical methodsInert electrodes for electrolysis (made of platinum)Membrane electrode assembly

Other than that COPPER ZIRCONIUM [C15000], COPPER NICKEL SILICON CHROMIUM [C18000] can be arranged as per your requirements.
Please send us your complete requirements immediately and oblige.
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