AVR __progmem__ variable reading

David Brown david.brown@hesbynett.no
Sun Feb 24 13:58:00 GMT 2019

On 24/02/2019 14:47, Łukasz Kostka wrote:
>> Wiadomość napisana przez David Brown <david.brown@hesbynett.no 
>> <mailto:david.brown@hesbynett.no>> w dniu 24.02.2019, o godz. 12:13:
>> This sort of thing has been an issue for all sorts of small 
>> microcontrollers, and all their compilers, since their inception.  It 
>> is not solvable in an ideal way that gives maximal convenience to 
>> programmers and still results in efficient code.  The only good 
>> solution is to move away from such cpu designs - there are very few 
>> reasons for choosing a core such as the AVR rather than an ARM, MIPS 
>> or RISC-V alternative.  (You might choose the AVR device for its 
>> peripherals, or pin package, or power usage - but not for its core.)
> Yes I know that AVR are old architecture.
> I will move sooner or later to RISC-V or ARM. In fact bought some board 
> from sparkfun.
> Does it mean that in newer cpu designs storing read only variables in 
> flash is easier than in AVR ?

Most 16-bit and 32-bit cpus have a single address space.  Since the same 
instructions are used to access data whether it is in ram or flash (or, 
in most cases, IO register areas), there is no longer any issue.

The AVR uses different instructions for accessing data from flash and 
from ram, which is what causes the complications.

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