Gfortran GSoC (Was: Re: [patch, libgfortran RFC] Installation script for OpenCoarrays to enable multi-image gfortran)

Martin Jambor
Tue Feb 5 22:08:00 GMT 2019


On Fri, Jan 27 2017, Damian Rouson wrote:
> I wonder if developing an OpenCoarrays rpm package would be a good
> task as part of a Google Summer of Code (SoC) project.  February 9 is
> the application deadline for organizations seeking to host an SoC

No, February 6, 2019, 21:00 Central European Standard Time is the
deadline, i.e. in less than 22 hours.  GCC has already applied, I am the
primary Org admin.

> student and I’m interested in applying to host a student.  If anyone
> can suggest other good projects related to gfortran and OpenCoarrays,
> please let me know.  Several students have expressed interest.  I’m
> especially interested in anything that increases the support for the
> Fortran standards.

As far as GFortran GSoC projects are concerned, have a look at Fortran
section at

If any of the ideas is especially appealing to gfortran developers and
it is likely you will find a mentor for it, please feel free to move (or
copy?) it up to the "Selected project ideas" section at the top of the
page and definitely please tell the interested students to apply (but
let me again point out that we need mentors for each project too).

Thanks a lot,


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