Test GCC conversion with reposurgeon available

Eric S. Raymond esr@thyrsus.com
Wed Dec 25 19:19:00 GMT 2019

Andreas Schwab <schwab@linux-m68k.org>:
> Definitely not.  I have never authored or committed any revision in the
> -0800 time zone.

That's easily fixed by adding a timezone entry to your author-map
entry - CET, is it?  That will prevent reposurgeon from making any
attempt to deduce your timezone.

It would be interesting to know how reposurgeon got misled.  Most
likely it was by a Changelog entry.  Reposurgeon watches as these are
being processed to see if it can pin an email address to a single timezone
by looking up its TLD in the IANA database.

I don't know how that could land you in California, though. Maybe
I ought to be logging timezone deductions so we can trace them back.

Has anyone else seen wrong timezone attributions?
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