Test GCC conversion with reposurgeon available

Joseph Myers jsm@polyomino.org.uk
Wed Dec 25 11:20:00 GMT 2019

On Wed, 25 Dec 2019, Roman Zhuykov wrote:

> 2) Some thoughts about script for summarizing commit log messages:
> 2a) Why r143753 and r150680 not have "re PR..." summary instead of "[multiple
> changes]" ?
> 2b) On the contrary r155892 have to mention two PRs, even "[multiple changes]"
> is better here, IMHO.
> 2c) In r130050 and r155902 we have "Rename too ... " in summary, not sure how
> to make it better.
> 2d) r146882 can have better summary if we somehow organize ChangeLog priority
> (gcc/ChangeLog is more important that testsuite one).

Richard is best placed to comment on these.  His script can provide a 
complete new summary line if the automatically-generated one seems bad.

> 3a) In r155892, r155893 and r259314 Alex is not counted as the only author
> without any reason.

The first two look like cases where the only difference is in the number 
of spaces between name and email in the attributions in different 
ChangeLog files.  Should be straightforward to fix by doing more parsing / 
normalization before deciding whether attributions are the same.

The third is a case where the heuristic is applied that if a commit only 
changes ChangeLog files and nothing else, attributions should not be 
extracted from those ChangeLog files because it's particularly likely in 
that case the someone else's ChangeLog entries may be being edited.

> 3b) In r139854, r141108 and r196252 script selected the author successfully,
> while actually there are more that one.

These are all cases covered by the request-for-enhancement issue for 
adding Co-Authored-by: when the ChangeLog header names multiple authors, 
as the corresponding de facto git idiom for that case.

> 3e) r155891, r207422, r183627 and r234218 are examples of commits which don't
> touch any ChangeLog files for different reasons. Seems unsolvable in current
> approach.

If a ChangeLog file isn't touched, indeed we don't have a good basis for 
using an author identity other than the committer identity (especially 
given that some people used multiple email addresses simultaneously, with 
different ones used for different kinds of commits, and objected to having 
one with the wrong affiliation associated with a commit they made in 
connection with a different affiliation).

Joseph S. Myers

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