Proposal for the transition timetable for the move to GIT

Eric S. Raymond
Mon Dec 16 16:27:00 GMT 2019

Joseph Myers <>:
>                             When we're talking about something to be used 
> for the next 20 years we should make sure to get it right.

Segher and others should note that I'm not in the habit of sinking most of
a year of my time into problems that I don't think are extremely
important. This conversion *is* that important.

> conversions with an ad hoc script need much more thorough, trickier 
> validation because you don't benefit from knowing the tool has worked for 
> other conversions).

Nor, as far as I am aware, do the scripts have anything resembling
reposurgeon's test suite.

Segher Boessenkool:
> > If the reposurgeon conversion is not ready now, then it is too late
> > to be selected.

Maxim's conversion pipeline isn't ready either -- there are known
bugs with its result. Does that mean it's too late to select Maxim's
conversion? If so, what do you propose be done?

Please stop bellyaching and pitch in. Whether it's by fixing up
Maxim's conversion, helping improve the reposurgeon one,
or writing a conversion method of your own - I don't much care
and it's not my job to tell you what to do, anyway. Any of those
choices might be helpful; sniping from the sidelines is not.
		<a href="">Eric S. Raymond</a>

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