Usage of C11 Annex K Bounds-checking interfaces on GCC

Didier Kryn
Mon Dec 16 07:52:00 GMT 2019

Le 16/12/2019 à 03:43, Liu Hao a écrit :
>> I generally consider the Glibc folks better trained in C and more
>> knowledgeable of the C standard then me. If the Glibc folks are making
>> the mistakes, then there is no hope in practice for folks like me or
>> those who are just starting in C. There are too many sharp edges.
> Yes yes why don't you use Java? If you write C you are supposed to have
> been well educated ('well educated' means at least you should RTFM
> before ask). C is not for beginners.

     C is a low-level language and the C programmer is just "supposed to 
know what (s)he does."

     If this is critical for you, then start learning a higher level 
language (Java as suggested  or  Ada). You will love it and write safe 
programs. The solution isn't in a library, it is in the language 
allowing the compiler or run-time to detect these errors and/or forbid 
dangerous constructs. Note that the later feature doesn't forbid you to 
do what you want; it forces you to do it well.

     Didier (just a lurker on this list)

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