Question regarding preventing optimizing out of register in expansion

Peryt, Sebastian
Thu Jun 21 11:42:00 GMT 2018


I'd appreciate if someone could advise me in builtin expansion I'm currently writing.

High level description for what I want to do:

I have 2 operands in my builtin.
First I set register (reg1) with value from operand1 (op1);
Second I call my instruction (reg1 is called implicitly and updated);
At the end I'm setting operand2 (op2) with value from reg1.

Simplified implementation in i386.c I have:

reg1 = gen_reg_rtx (mode);
emit_insn (gen_rtx_SET (reg1, op1);
emit_clobber (reg1);

emit_insn (gen_myinstruction ());

emit_insn (gen_rtx_SET (op2,reg1));

Everything works fine for -O0, but when I move to higher level optimizations
setting value into reg1 (lines before emit_clobber) are optimized out.
I already tried moving emit_clobber just after assignment but it doesn't help.

Could you please suggest how I can prevent it from happening?


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