Google Summer of Code 2018: Call for mentors and ideas

Janus Weil
Thu Feb 15 12:12:00 GMT 2018

Hi Christopher,

2018-02-15 11:52 GMT+01:00 Christopher Dimech <>:
> I am the administrator of GNU Behistun, a package designed
> to image the internal constituents of the subsurface using seismic waves.
> It is written in Fortran and uses gfortran. I am not sure how well you
> think it fits in your GSoC project. Does related work under your proposal
> have to focus on development of the gcc compiler itself, or would it also
> allow work on peripheral associations.

I don't quite think this is appropriate for GCC as a mentoring org. It
might fit better under the "GNU" umbrella, which also seems to be a
mentoring org in this year's GSoC and lists all kinds of GNU projects:


> ---------------------
> Christopher Dimech
> GNU Behistun Chief Administrator
> - Geophysical Simulation
> - Geological Subsurface Mapping
> - Disaster Preparedness and Mitigation
> - Natural Resource Exploration and Exploitation
>> Sent: Tuesday, February 13, 2018 at 2:01 PM
>> From: "Martin Jambor" <>
>> To:
>> Subject: Re: Google Summer of Code 2018: Call for mentors and ideas
>> Hi,
>> I am happy to announce that we were selected as a Google Summer of Code
>> 2018 mentor organization.
>> At this point I am being asked to "invite mentors," so I will soon
>> invite all the people who have expressed interest in the January email
>> thread (or on IRC).
>> If anybody has an additional idea for a GSoC project, please share it
>> with us here and perhaps also add it to the Wiki page.
>> If anybody else thinks of being a mentor this year, please write me an
>> email, the sooner the better.  I suspect that a google account is
>> mandatory, though.
>> Any other ideas/comments/suggestions are also welcome.
>> Martin

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