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Davide Piombo Davide.Piombo@phase.eu
Mon Mar 27 16:16:00 GMT 2017

Hi Joseph,
thanks a lot for your answer.

Sorry but it is not clear to me if the point is that the plugin development must include some windows-related code that I'm actually missing or if the problem is on the GCC side, that is inside GCC the code section that loads the dll, or part of it, is missing and it is still to be implemented.

Thanks in advance

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> A: David Malcolm
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> On Mon, 27 Mar 2017, David Malcolm wrote:
> > > Substantially I'm writing just to ask:
> > > Can GCC plugins run on a windows build of GCC compiler (MinGW) ?
> >
> > I suspect the answer is "you're the first person to try this in a
> > while; some things may need fixing" - but that's a guess :)
> If it's Windows host, the answer is: plugin support relies on dlopen,
> and on -rdynamic for plugins to access symbols from cc1/cc1plus.  No
> doubt it would be possible to add Windows host support, but it would
> require someone with a thorough understanding of the Windows DLL model
> and how it differs from ELF shared libraries to come up with and
> implement an appropriate design for Windows-host plugins in GCC.
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> Joseph S. Myers
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