Plugin development under windows

Davide Piombo
Mon Mar 27 11:19:00 GMT 2017

I'm interested in developing a plugin to parse some custom annotation in C+=
+ code.
I already developed a preliminary version of this plugin under linux and it=  works fine.
The final platform target of the plugin is (unfortunately ;-)) Windows and = I tried to rebuild the plugin using MinGW compiler (both with the Linux ver= sion as well by using MSYS2 and win-builds MinGW compilers for windows) but=  the lack of POSIX includes breaks the build.

I looked around the documentation but I didn't find any reference regarding=  the use of GCC plugins under windows.
I only found some old posts on some forums saying  that it is possible to d= o that and that exist some old gcc versions (custom windows rebuild of GCC =
4.6.1 to use dragonegg as plugin) that can run plugins.

Substantially I'm writing just to ask:
Can GCC plugins run on a windows build of GCC compiler (MinGW) ?
If it is possible to do that, which is the correct way to build the plugin?

Thanks in advance

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