Translation breaks IDE

Frédéric Marchal
Fri Mar 17 08:48:00 GMT 2017


I gave my partial French translation a field trial this week and it didn't went 
well. QtCreator can't see error messages any more if they are translated.

QtCreator identifies errors and warnings by parsing gcc output:

file.c:24:5: error: …
file.c:25:3: warning: …

But if "error" and "warning" are translated it becomes impossible to sort out 
the messages.

What can be done to help IDEs with translated messages?

Is it possible to add some --ide-mode flag or some environment variable that 
would prefix every message with untranslated hard coded tags that could be used 
by IDEs? I'm thinking about something along the line:

(E):file.c:24:5: <same message as now for errors, with translation>
(W): for warnings

These two could be put to use immediately because QtCreator already do 
something similar with MSVC. It just lacks something as the above mechanism to 
do it with gcc.

And it might be possibly to add other categories that could be used later such 

(F): for fatal errors
(N): for notifications and informations
(I): included by
(C): candidates for overloaded functions
(H): "called from here" or "in this context"
(!): internal error

This list certainly needs more thinking and IDE folks could give more insight 
but you see were I'm heading.



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