Obsolete powerpc*-*-*spe*

Andrew Jenner andrew@codesourcery.com
Wed Mar 15 21:43:00 GMT 2017

On 15/03/2017 14:26, Segher Boessenkool wrote:
> I do not think VLE can get in, not in its current shape at least.

That's unfortunate. Disregarding the SPE splitting plan for a moment, 
what do you think would need to be done to get it into shape? I had 
thought we were almost there with the patches that I sent to you and 
David off-list last year.

 > VLE
> is very unlike PowerPC in many ways so it comes at a very big cost to
> the port (maintenance and otherwise -- maintenance is what I care about
> most).

I completely understand.

> Since SPE and VLE only share the part of the rs6000 port that doesn't
> change at all (except for a bug fix once or twice a year), and everything
> else needs special cases all over the place, it seems to me it would be
> best for everyone if we split the rs6000 port in two, one for SPE and VLE
> and one for the rest.  Both ports could then be very significantly
> simplified.
> I am assuming SPE and VLE do not support AltiVec or 64-bit PowerPC,
> please correct me if that is incorrect.  Also, is "normal" floating
> point supported at all?

My understanding is that SPE is only present in the e500v1, e500v2 and 
e200z[3-7] cores, all of which are 32-bit only and do not have classic 
floating-point units. SPE and Altivec cannot coexist as they have some 
overlapping instruction encodings. The successor to e500v2 (e500mc) 
reinstated classic floating-point and got rid of SPE.

> Do you (AdaCore and Mentor) think splitting the port is a good idea?

It wouldn't have been my preference, but I can understand the appeal of 
that plan for you. I'm surprised that the amount of shared code between 
SPE and PowerPC is as little as you say, but you have much more 
experience with the PowerPC port than I do, so I'll defer to your 
expertise on that matter.

Are you proposing to take on the task of actually splitting it yourself? 
If so, that would make me a lot happier about it.

 >> -te200z0
 >> -te200z3
 >> -te200z4
 > These are VLE?


 > Do some of those also support PowerPC?

All the e200 cores apart from e200z0 can execute 32-bit instructions as 
well as VLE, though we'll always generate VLE code when targetting them 
(otherwise they're fairly standard).


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