Diagnostics that should not be translated

Roland Illig roland.illig@gmx.de
Wed Mar 15 16:07:00 GMT 2017

Am 15.03.2017 um 03:43 schrieb Martin Sebor:
> Would using the existing internal_error{,no_backtrace}, and
> sorry work for this? (I.e., not translating those.)  If my
> count is right there are nearly 500 calls to these three in
> GCC sources so I'm not sure that would put enough of a dent
> in the 12K messages to translate but I'm even less sure that
> adding yet another API would do even that much.

In relative terms the 500 may seem like not so much, but in absolute
terms they are still worth 1 to 3 days of translating work. Especially
since many of the terms in the internal errors are not as carefully
worded as the diagnostics targeted at the GCC user, and they contain
lots of technical terms for which there is no obvious translation.

For the German translation I took the easy path of making the German
internal errors exactly the same as the English ones, so whether this is
addressed or not won't make a difference for the upcoming release. It's
just that I think the other translators shouldn't need to go through the
same steps as I did.


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