Redundant loads for bitfield accesses

Michael Clark
Wed Aug 16 22:38:00 GMT 2017


Is there any reason for 3 loads being issued for these bitfield accesses, given two of the loads are bytes, and one is a half; the compiler appears to know the structure is aligned at a half word boundary. Secondly, the riscv code is using a mixture of 32-bit and 64-bit adds and shifts. Thirdly, with -Os the riscv code size is the same, but the schedule is less than optimal. i.e. the 3rd load is issued much later.



	struct foo {
	  unsigned int a : 5;
	  unsigned int b : 5;
	  unsigned int c : 5;

	unsigned int proc_foo(struct foo *p)
	    return p->a + p->b + p->c;

riscv asm:

	  lhu a3,0(a0)
	  lbu a4,0(a0)
	  lbu a5,1(a0)
	  srliw a3,a3,5
	  andi a0,a4,31
	  srli a5,a5,2
	  andi a4,a3,31
	  addw a0,a0,a4
	  andi a5,a5,31
	  add a0,a0,a5

x86_64 asm:

	  movzx edx, BYTE PTR [rdi]
	  movzx eax, WORD PTR [rdi]
	  mov ecx, edx
	  shr ax, 5
	  and eax, 31
	  and ecx, 31
	  lea edx, [rcx+rax]
	  movzx eax, BYTE PTR [rdi+1]
	  shr al, 2
	  and eax, 31
	  add eax, edx

hand coded riscv asm:

	  lhu a1,0(a0)
	  srli a2,a1,5
	  srli a3,a1,10
	  andi a0,a1,31
	  andi a2,a2,31
	  andi a3,a3,31
	  add a0,a0,a2
	  add a0,a0,a3


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