Optimization question

Nikolaus Dunn nikdunn1979@gmail.com
Tue Sep 27 15:01:00 GMT 2016

Hi guys,

I've run into an issue where turning on compiler optimization using -O1 
or higher causes an issue in my program. Specifically, I am replacing 
the new and delete operators globally to perform some real time 
allocation tracking. When I compile with -O1 or -O2, my implementation 
of new is not being called by STL classes, via the std::allocator. My 
version of delete IS being called.

I realize I may be doing something wrong and I've read many posts from 
people saying not to replace new and delete, but I'm hacking on a 15 
year old baseline. We've just stepped up to GCC 5.3.0 and are compiling 
with the -std=c++14 option (to give a little context). I'm also 
compiling using MinGW, but I'm figuring MinGW would be using the same 
optimization logic at the compiler level as pure GCC.

Before I go through by hand and try to determine which optimization 
seems to be causing the problem, does anyone have a suggestion as to the 
culprit? Am I doing something essentially wrong? I'd happily post an 
example program, but I'm hoping my question is general enough in nature 
to warrant an easy response.



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