Please block from gcc-regression

Bill Seurer
Tue Apr 19 13:23:00 GMT 2016

On 04/19/16 04:56, Joseph Myers wrote:
> In the past few days, has sent half a gigabyte
> of huge messages such as
> <> to
> gcc-regression, those messages containing no actual useful information
> about regressions caused by GCC commits.  Overseers, could you block that
> address from posting to gcc-regression until we have confirmation that the
> process sending those messages to gcc-regression has stopped and will not
> be restarted and that there are no more such messages waiting in a mail
> queue somewhere (all the messages seem to be dated Sunday, but they are
> still coming through)?

I apologize about that.  I activated gcc 6 on our tester Sunday but 
failed to prime the source first.  That caused the tester scripts to 
loop trying to get the source and failing.

I updated the scripts yesterday to prevent this from happening in the 

-Bill Seurer

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