Obscure crashes due to gcc 4.9 -O2 => -fisolate-erroneous-paths-dereference

Jakub Jelinek jakub@redhat.com
Thu Feb 19 22:10:00 GMT 2015

On Thu, Feb 19, 2015 at 06:16:05PM -0300, Daniel Gutson wrote:
> what about then two warnings (disabled by default), one intended to
> tell the user each time the compiler removes a conditional
> (-fdelete-null-pointer-checks)
> and another intended to tell the user each time the compiler adds a trap due to
> dereference an address 0?
> E.g.
>    -Wnull-pointer-check-deleted
>    -Wnull-dereference-considered-erroneous
> or alike

That would be extremely difficult.  The -fdelete-null-pointer-checks option
is used in many places, like the path isolation, value range propagation,
alias oracle, number of iteration analysis etc.  E.g. in case of value
range propagation, it is really hard to warn if something has been optimized
some way because of it, because you really don't know the reason why after
all the propagation some SSA_NAME got certain range, to warn you'd
essentially have to do all of VRP twice, once with
-fdelete-null-pointer-checks and once without, and then compare that when
actually performing optimizations.  But some optimizations are also done far
later than directly in the VRP pass.

If you have hw where NULL is mapped and you know your code violates the
C/C++ standards by placing objects at that address, simply do use
the option that is designed for that purpose.


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