Android native build of GCC

Cyd Haselton
Sat Feb 7 14:25:00 GMT 2015

On February 6, 2015 10:23:21 AM CST, Andrew Haley <> wrote:
>On 02/06/2015 04:11 PM, Cyd Haselton wrote:
>> On Fri, Feb 6, 2015 at 5:34 AM, Andrew Haley <> wrote:
>>> On 02/06/2015 11:05 AM, Cyd Haselton wrote:
>>>> Technically not a bug, but a limitation of either fakechroot ported
>to Android, Android's severely stripped libc, or a combination of the
>>> I think it's a bug.  libfakechroot presents a version of dlopen() on
>>> the assumption that the libc it's fronting has dlopen().
>> Wouldn't the ported version of libfakechroot do otherwise...i.e. take
>> into account that dlopen() does not reside in bionic?
>I have no idea.  I would hope so.
>>> So, anyone probing for dlopen() finds it in libfakechroot.
>>> However, when that dlopen() is called you get a (very confusing)
>>> link error.  This is a bug because if the underlying C library does
>>> not have dlopen() then libfakechroot should either not export it or
>>> should forward calls to the right library (which was, I
>>> think.)
>> Out of curiosity (and future libfakechroot porting purposes) how
>> this look? I know that this and the previous question are off -topic
>> to the original email so feel free to leave the list out of your
>> reply.
>I'd rather leave it on-list for future reference.  The best thing
>would be for libfakechroot to be linked against libdl: that way, when
>dlopen() was called the link would be correctly satisfied.  If that
>isn't possible (if dlopen() doesn't work or is incompatible) then
>libfakechroot shouldn't export the symbol for dlopen().

I;ve contacted the developer of KBOX and download sources. If possible, I'll build a corrected version and replace the existing.

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