Android native build of GCC

Andrew Haley
Fri Feb 6 11:34:00 GMT 2015

On 02/06/2015 11:05 AM, Cyd Haselton wrote:
> Technically not a bug, but a limitation of either fakechroot ported to Android, Android's severely stripped libc, or a combination of the two.

I think it's a bug.  libfakechroot presents a version of dlopen() on
the assumption that the libc it's fronting has dlopen().  So, anyone
probing for dlopen() finds it in libfakechroot.  However, when that
dlopen() is called you get a (very confusing) link error.  This is a
bug because if the underlying C library does not have dlopen() then
libfakechroot should either not export it or should forward calls to
the right library (which was, I think.)


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