Possible typo in LRA

sarah@hederstierna.com fredrik@hederstierna.com
Thu Feb 5 21:37:00 GMT 2015


When reviewing some code from LRA, I just saw some lines that looked a bit strange,
could it be a possible typo perhaps?

The file "lra.c" from GC5 master branch current date

Line 469:

	      /* Try x = index_scale; x = x + disp; x = x + base.  */
	      last = get_last_insn ();
	      rtx_insn *move_insn = emit_move_insn (x, index_scale);
	      ok_p = false;
	      if (recog_memoized (move_insn) >= 0)
		  rtx insn = emit_add2_insn (x, disp);
		  if (insn != NULL_RTX)
		      insn = emit_add2_insn (x, disp);
		      if (insn != NULL_RTX)
			ok_p = true;

Shouldn't the code be as the comment suggest to in the second call to emit_add2_insn use 'base' ?

-		      insn = emit_add2_insn (x, disp);
+		      insn = emit_add2_insn (x, base);

Maybe the code is right, I tried to mail vmakarov, some months ago, but did not get any reply.
But it looks like I typo, so I just wanted to verify it so its not a bug,

Thanks and Kind Regards, Fredrik

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